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Aluminum Foil Container Is The Most Environmentally-friendly Choice in The Fastfood Industry

2019-11-15 15:59:31

        Nowadays, plastic foam meal boxes are still in use at many restaurants in China. It’s reported that over 13.5 billions of plastic foam meal boxes are consumed every year in China. The author will not repeat any more here on the harm of plastic foam lunch box which is widely known as on of the prime criminals of “white pollution”.
However, even consumers prefer to Aluminum foil food containers they have to passively accept low plastic lunch boxes offered by restaurants when eating outside.

       Compared with the bad influence of human health and environment by plastic foam meal boxes, the rising star – Aluminum foil food containers do well in the two areas:
Aluminum foil is a light material with high barrier property. It has good performance in moisture proof, water proof, anti corrosion and shading. Besides, what makes Aluminum foil food container becomes the rising star in catering industry are its properties of green environmental protection, safety and health. Moreover, it can be put directly over the flame.

        Aluminum foil food container completely conforms to the national hygienic standard for food containers, which guarantees the non-toxic and health. What’s more, the biggest advantage of aluminum foil food containers is recyclable, in order to achieve the goals of reducing pollution and saving energy. According to the research, with very high recycling rate Aluminum can be recycled as much as 25 times and its life cycle can be up to 300 years. Aluminum foil food containers can be natural weathering within 2 or 3 years, so it will not damage the soil.

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